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Dear Tatiana,


Congratulations! It is our pleasure to inform you that Uflow has been selected as the Winner in the International Talent Competition DI-2020 for the Innovation in Architectural Design & Construction category. 


DI-2020 Winners were selected in 2 steps: by the preliminary judging by DI Team and final assessment by our international board of jury - experts in Architecture, Digital Technology, Design, Startup and Venture Capital. This is an unparalleled honor. With entries from over 63 countries, your work truly represents the best innovation in Architectural Design and Construction worldwide.


All Winners and Honorable Mentions can be viewed on the winners page (https://www.design-innovation.uk/di-2020-winners-honorable-mentions). Please be sure to confirm the displayed information as it will be used in press. 


Please make sure to log in to this portal to make the best of your honor. If you have any questions regarding your entry or need further assistance, please reach out by responding to this email.


Congratulations again - we are truly honored to have you among our winners!



DI Team