Our international board of jury are the leading experts in Architectural Design, Digital Technology and Venture Capital. Judges will score entries based on the following judging criteria:

  1. Clarity of the problem statement (solves a very specific problem)

  2. Originality of the idea (the proposal has to offer a unique solution)

  3. Analytical depth and strong potential to change the industry sector

  4. Value to user & value to partners

  5. Scalability

  6. Implementation and integration of the solution 

  7. Design of the solution 

  8. Technical execution 

  9. Visual presentation

​A five-point scale will be used where 1 = Poor, 2 = Low-Average, 3 = Average, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent 

Scored will be averaged together to determine each entry’s overall score. The entry with the highest aggregate score will be the winner.

DI 2021


The International competition of design innovations & start-ups